3 Tips For Selling Your Services In A Mobile Marketplace

If you want to work in the sharing economy, one way you can ease your way into this world is by offering up services on a mobile marketplace. This can be done in addition to another job or as your full-time way of earning money and can include all kinds of services that you can provide for other people. But if you really want to be able to make a decent amount of money doing this, you’ll have to know what it takes to get business and keep business in a mobile marketplace setting, especially when some of the services can be very competitive with a lot of supply and not as much demand.

To help you in finding success here and setting yourself apart from other service providers, here are three tips for selling your services in a mobile marketplace.

Be As Diverse As You Can Be

As you’re creating your profile for whatever marketplace you’re wanting to be a part of, you’ll want to create a profile that represents you well and that shows off the diverse services that you’re able to accomplish for someone. This way, you can get hired for all kinds of things.

While you might have only been paid to do a few types of tasks in the past, when you’re doing tasks for someone that can’t take care of these kinds of things for themselves for some reason—either because they physically can’t because they’re in assisted living or they simply don’t have the time or ability—you can use all of the skills and capabilities that you have in your possession. This can include things that you’ve studied, that you’ve learned, or that you just know how to do well. You can even find a need in the market and learn how to do those tasks so that you can start taking on those kinds of jobs, too.

All kinds of services can fall under these categories. And the more experience you get with all kinds of work, the more you can charge for doing that work in the future.

Do A Great Job When You Get Hired

When you do get hired to do a job or task for someone through the sharing economy mobile marketplace that you’re working through, the best way to raise your clout and start getting some of those five-star ratings is to commit yourself to doing a great job at every opportunity. This should start immediately from your very first interaction with a prospective customer or client.

As soon as you get contacted about a job, make sure you have a friendly tone while you’re messaging your client. Then, when you show up to actually do the work or provide them with whatever service you’ve been hired to do, get all of that work done in such a way that will exceed their expectations. This way, they’ll be much more likely to leave you a great review and help make it easier for you to get more jobs in the future, too.

Be Careful With Your Time

To help you make the most of your time spent working through the mobile marketplace and to fit as much work into your day as you want to, you’ll need to be very careful with your time. While you need to make sure you have enough time between jobs that you’re scheduling, if you want to maximize your day, you’ll want to try to keep that downtime to as small of an amount as you can.

If you want to work the sharing economy through a mobile marketplace, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you sell your services effectively.