Best Sharing Economy Jobs 2023


There are many choices for employment because freelancing is one of the gig or sharing economy’s most common jobs. Nowadays, freelancing is especially common because, in most circumstances, it may be continued even when one is socially isolated.

We advise registering for platforms like SolidGigs or FlexJobs where you’ll often receive new freelance job leads in order to find your initial clients. You can also use websites like Upwork or online markets like Fiverr to get in touch with a large network of prospective new customers. You can search via a variety of freelance job boards depending on your preferences and skill set to find freelance employment in the gig economy. Following are some of the most popular freelance positions:

  • Writer
  • Graphic artist
  • Web developer
  • Manager of social media
  • Creator Marketer

If working for yourself seems appealing to you, you can find gig economy opportunities in almost any industry. To beat the competition, pick your specialty and keep improving your knowledge. One more benefit that makes working as a freelancer one of the most appealing and (possibly) well-paid gig economy employment at the moment is the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. 

Delivery Person

Another well-liked method of generating extra revenue through gig economy jobs is driving or delivering. You have the option of signing up for ride-sharing services like Lyft or working as a delivery driver through one of the many gig economy applications. After the COVID outbreak, ride-sharing declined, but delivery increased, making it one of the most sought-after gig economy employment so far in 2020. Both possibilities depend on how much spare time you have and whether you’re prepared to share your automobile with passengers or cargo. Moreover, owning a car is a need in this scenario. If you want to use a ride-sharing service that also does deliveries during the Coronavirus, Lyft and Uber are your best options. Great possibilities are also provided by businesses like DoorDash and GrubHub. The website TaskRabbit is also an excellent place to get work helping individuals with deliveries, moving boxes, and other activities. 

Artificial intelligence and deep learning developer

Deep learning jobs may pay up to $115.06 per hour, which is fantastic, especially given the high demand for professionals in the industry. The idea behind deep learning is to develop self-learning systems that use speech and/or picture recognition algorithms to determine which choice is better for the user. The system takes what it has learned from this into account when making predictions in the future. You must have experience, knowledge of Java and C++, and a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science to be eligible for the position. Checking LinkedIn, where there are now 8,000 positions posted, is one of the simplest ways to find a job vacancy. The other option, notably in the sphere of telecommunication is reviewing FlexJobs’s list of offers. Another great resource for finding gig economy work is Gigster, particularly for individuals interested in positions in contemporary IT. 

One of the best gig economy jobs you can get is as a Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence developer because it pays the best and there is a significant demand for professionals in this field. If you go with this route, you might wind up working for corporations like Google or Netflix. 

Ethical hacker

Checking for data breaches and identity thefts might earn you $66.63 per hour as an information systems security professional. As an ethical hacker, it is your responsibility to break encryptions, get past firewalls, and other security measures in order to gain access to confidential data. After doing so, you must then give comments on how to close the gaps so that no real hackers can exploit them. To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, you can finish coursework, pass exams, and then hunt for employment. Searching freelance job-offering websites like Upwork, FlexJobs, and Gigster for positions with titles like “ethical hacker” or “penetration tester” is the best way to find open positions. As we start to value our personal data more and more, the role of an ethical hacker will become more and more common. Businesses are searching for the best solutions to safeguard their data and are willing to pay highly to professionals in the industry because they are aware of how exposed they are.