Three Home Improvement Projects to Keep Things Fresh and Working

Once you have lived in your home for a decade or longer, it seems as though there is always some home improvement project in need of doing. Some of these involve essential maintenance due to wear and tear while other schemes become necessary to inject a fresh appeal into tired or shabby furnishings. Below we look at three project examples to get you started. 

Replacement of Galvanised Piping

Galvanised pipes were once recommended in lieu of lead pipes for plumbing to supply a property with water. These pipes are made from steel that has a zinc covering to forestall rusting of the steel component. However, galvanised pipes gradually deteriorate as the zinc reacts with elements in the water being conveyed.

This problem can be recognised by various signs. Firstly, your water pressure may diminish substantially. This may affect some taps more than others where the problem is worse. In some instances, there may be different material piping so that not all plumbing in the home is affected.

Secondly, the zinc on galvanised pipes starts to flake off and contaminate your water. If you notice brown stains on your basin or sink, this could be a warning of this problem. You can test each tap by collecting water in a see-through container and looking for stained liquid or iron particles.

Thirdly, you may notice specks of rust on pipes. There may even be areas that have eroded completely, causing small leaks. Be sure to check the pipe joints as well as all the pipes.

Some homeowners replace galvanised pipes with PVC pipes. This is a cheaper option than copper, which is the most durable option. See here for a comparison of PVC and copper pipes.

Upgrade Your Lounge

Most people spend more time in their lounges than any other room. Except perhaps for the bedroom, but then they are asleep for a large portion of it. After a few years, you start to notice the wear and tear and general shabbiness of your furnishings. Sometimes, all that is needed is to change one or two aspects to revitalise this space.

Finding the right pieces to create a new look need not be challenging. You can obtain contemporary lounge furniture from ligne roset Chelsea that has been created by top designers. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices that reflect modern designs.

A coffee table is often the focus of the lounge area. Swapping the old one out with a new table can do wonders to uplift the room. This is particularly true if the former has sustained a lot of damage over the years. 

Shelving can be used to make a statement, notwithstanding the extra storage it offers. If you have a lot of clutter in your lounge, consider clearing the room by putting up extra shelves for items you want to keep and get rid of the rest.

Spruce Up Your Home Exterior

Increase the external appeal of your home with one of more fairly minor changes. For example, a covered entrance or a lantern hanging outside can give the house a brand-new look. Installing a new front door or adding window boxes painted to match the walls are small changes that can make a big visual impact.

Select the area of your home you feel needs the most attention and start there.